Healthcare Services Provider

Experts in dealing with both patients and insurance companies, at European Outsourcing Agency, we are committed to offer exceptional services to all our clients. Our specialties include demographic and claim entry, AR follow-up, insurance eligibility verification and denial management.

We will supply daily reports, and consult with you on a weekly basis, or more frequently if preferred. In addition, our friendly staff can be contacted at any time by phone or email to answer any questions you may have.

Legal Claims

European Outsourcing Agency specializes in medical based liens. Our main goal is to assist medical billing companies, medical offices and hospital billing departments with insurance claims. We help you lien insurance companies and attorneys in order to reach settlements that ensure your client services will always be remunerated.

  • Personal Injury Claims Submission
  • Worker's Compensation Claims Submission
  • Auto Accident Claims Submission
  • Insurance Appeals
  • Claim Follow-up and Tracking

Why Outsource?

Increase reimbursements and save more than 50% on salaries and equipment costs.

Medical Billing

  • Demographic and claim entry
  • Denial management including corrections and appeals
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Account Receivable follow up for any old and current claims
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports

Our goal is to provide accurate follow up and timely reimbursements to all our providers according to all state laws.

  • We maintain accurate and proper record keeping for correct billing.
  • We will decrease claim denial and track unpaid claims.
  • We continuously follow-up on claims with insurance companies.
  • We will increase your reimbursements.
  • We are 100% HIPAA compliant with privacy and security regulations.