European Outsourcing Agency

12 years ago we started as a small Creative and IT company, working mostly for overseas clients. Observing the business needs, tendencies and new developments we focused more and more on outsourcing business processes, managing all aspects of cloud based data processing and streamlining back-office tasks.

Being in this business from the very beginnings resulted in a valuable knowledge applicable in creating effective operational models with ease of implementation and transition. We believe in innovation that creates value, and we believe that outsourcing is the future model for business operations as it can reimagine, reinforce and take your business forward.

We have aligned a team comprised of highly motivated, skillful and creative individuals with a diverse body of knowledge, from IT and software management to business operations and office management. This allows us to take the most demanding challenges, adopt to ever changing industry standards and bring and implement new solutions.

We remain,
Dedicated to Your Business.

George Ivanov, CEO