Remote Medical Billing Specialists

For more than 10 years European Outsourcing Agency is providing back office solutions for medical billing companies, medical practices and healthcare facilities. We have the experience, knowledge and most importantly highly skilled workforce necessary to take over the most demanding billing operations with ease of implementation. Every company is different and our managers will work closely with you to create a customized solution that suits your needs.

Medical billing is demanding, time consuming and challenging process. By outsourcing this process in any part to our highly trained, experienced and dedicated staff you will be able to expedite claims processing, considerably cut staffing and operational costs, focus on core business values and increase revenue.

Medical Claims Management

Our main goal is to establish the most efficient work protocol that will significantly improve your revenue cycle. This includes zero mistakes in demographic and claim entry, accurate and timely Account Receivables follow up and knowledgeable denial management. We use the strictest auditing methods to provide accurate follow up and timely reimbursements to all our clients according to all state laws.

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Why Outsource?

Operate more efficiently by increasing productivity and decreasing operating costs.
Free your staff from tasks that can be performed by our team for a lesser fee along with better results on both ends.

Reducing Operating Costs

In-house employee

Your costs include:

  • Staffing/Recruitment fees
  • Training
  • Leave pay
  • Insurance
  • Gratuity
  • Operating expenses
  • Temp. staff while employee is on leave
  • Social welfare and pension

Outsourced employee

Your costs include:

  • Actual hours worked

Save more than 50%
on salaries and operating costs.

Who Can Outsource?

Every business with more than one employee working on digital data, administration, document processing or communication services can benefit from outsourcing.